Our Story

Sahitya Senapathy, a high school sophomore at the time, founded Studiously after seeing that cramming tools like Quizlet only took one so far.

Our Vision

Studiously aims to prepare today's students to tackle the world's challenges of tomorrow by promoting only the best learning practices.


Studiously's proprietary artificial intelligence technology revolutionizes learning and is unprecedented in the Educational Technology world.


Why Studiously?


Write down questions of a topic that's stumped you or even upload your homework. Studiously's AI will generate up to ten novel questions of the same topic for targeted and relevant studying. Don't settle for less with Studiously.


Studiously supports both classroom and study group functionality. Join your classmates and friends to hold discussions, create study sets, and communicate. Complete homework, quizzes, and tests, and study with teacher support.


Studiously users create study sets tailored to their study needs rather than use recycled material from another user. Collaborate with others to expand your studying experience. Learn better by creating your own questions than cramming material.

Students, Studiously 2019 Survey

96% of  students prefer Studiously over Quizlet


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